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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

Timesheet doesn’t need to be integrated to provide an efficient, effective time tracking solution, but where appropriate, integrating TimeSheet with your other solutions can provide tremendous gains in business efficiency. For example, you can eliminate double keying, automate project creation, posting to job costing, project accounting and finance systems and automate TimeSheet admin processes, such as closing jobs and locking tasks.

TimeSheet has been integrated with job costing, project accounting and finance systems from Sage and other software publishers by Deepak Sareen Associates and directly by customers. It has also been integrated with a variety of bespoke systems.

TimeSheet Professional provides template based file import and export that can be automated. This can provide straightforward, reliable integration. It is particularly useful when working with legacy systems with no direct database access and for simpler integrations.

Most integrations are carried out directly at the database level, between TimeSheet’s Microsoft SQL Server database and the other applications’ databases, with straightforward user interfaces for management control.

Integration normally require some customisation to map the precise data structures of TimeSheet and the other applications, and to execute the specific business processes. Deepak Sareen Associates have integration toolkits that allow them to carry out integration quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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