Fast, easy, accurate time entry

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional’s classic, spreadsheet-like Time Sheet view makes it easy for employees to record time and expenses in just a couple of minutes a day, ensuring fast and accurate entry that should satisfy the most demanding time tracking requirements.

If you have a definable task list, the Time Sheet view makes entering project time fast and easy:

  • To enter time in the Time Sheet view. simply go to the cell for the task required on the day worked and enter the time in hours, hours and minutes or hours and decimals. As soon as you move away from the cell or press enter, the time is automatically saved into the database.
  • Alternatively, they can use Timer to record time – as it is spent
  • TimeSheet Professional’s unique View Filter can allow users to manage how much task information is displayed and which tasks are viewed
  • Adding a new task is fast and easy, with a right click or button. Users just select from validated lists. And even with a full nine level database, creation may just require selecting two or three items
  • Start and end dates can be entered against Tasks which are then shown with the Gannt bars
  • Users can be prevented from entering time outside allowable dates. This is indicated to the user by the background colour
  • Users can also enter Notes against Tasks and Time Entries. Notes are indicated by a red marker and displayed when you hover over them
  • The total time entered in the day is shown at the bottom of your Time Sheet and the total against individual Tasks for the week in the right hand column

If you work on unplanned activities, the Outlook-like Day view allows users to enter time with start and stop times:

  • To make a time entry in the Day view, employees simply highlight the time spent and right click. The appropriate dialog will launch, allowing you to select the task or to define the unplanned activity
  • Time entries can be for multiples of any period, with a default of 30 minutes. The time interval displayed is configurable to suit your typical time recording intervals, right down to units of five or six minutes or less if you wish

Either solution should satisfy your needs. Discover more about how TimeSheet Professional makes data entry so easy and how this can be used to your advantage – Contact Us now.