Project Tracking, Costing & Billing

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional is a leading project oriented time and expense tracking system. It is widely used to provide a cost-effective, easy to use, efficient, effective and comprehensive solution in a whole range of job or project oriented businesses. Implementations range from five to a thousand or more users, with most between 25 and 500 users.

Our clients use TimeSheet for tracking projects for external customers or to track time on internal projects. Most of them also track overhead time and absence.

The duration of projects tracked ranges for a few days to years. Some customers hold eight or more year’s information in their TimeSheet databases. Larger projects may well be split into stages or phases.

Most customers track time down to the activity level, some also track at the work package or deliverable level. And, of course most track against customers too. And, when required, users can enter notes against tasks and time entries, to provide more information.

TimeSheet makes this multi-level time recording easy and error free for administrators and users. In most cases just two or three selections are needed to create a task and after that, time recording is fast and easy, users simply enter the time spent on each day – with start and stop times if required.

TimeSheet makes all this really easy with a configurable database, with up to 10 levels of task component, each with 10 custom fields. It also has task rules and dependencies to make selections automatically, manage selections, eliminate wrong choices and reduce errors.

At Deepak Sareen Associates we have the experience and expertise to configure TimeSheet to meet your business needs efficiently and effectively. We can analyse and configure a system in hours and implement a small simple system and provide basic training in a day.

Tracking at an organisational level can be important, particularly in larger businesses. TimeSheet makes it easy to track by department and team, region or office, type of customer and type of project. And all of this comes “free” – with no significant user effort or management overhead.

Cost and Charge Rates

As well as tracking time, most customers track rates in their system to provide project cost tracking. Typically there will be a standard billing rate against an employee that can be over-ridden on selected tasks or individual time entries to provide charging flexibility. TimeSheet holds the rate against the time entry, so that, as rates change over time, the charge or cost amount is still correct.

And TimeSheet’s extensive custom fields make it possible to hold multiple rates for costs and charge out, against employees, clients, projects and activities, providing greater flexibility for costing. profitability analysis and billing.

Project Reporting

TimeSheet’s built in Summary Reports tool provides easy to use, flexible outline-based ad hoc and template-based reports covering time, costs and expenses over any time period. Any task component can be included or excluded and placed at any level in the outline and then filtered. This makes it easy to create big picture reports that concentrate on project costing or other business requirement, which can then be expanded to review the detail of specific customers, projects, departments, teams or other selections.

With TimeSheet Professional you get a broad range of in depth reporting options, with its own fast and flexible Summary Reports and Detail Reports that harness the power of Crystal Reports to produce templates tailored to meet specific business needs.

Time and expense based project billing is handled using Invoice Templates run in Detail Reports. The power of TimeSheet’s database and Crystal Reports means that we can create invoice templates to meet your precise project invoicing requirements.

TimeSheet’s database is ODBC compliant, facilitating reporting with other tools including Microsoft Excel, Access and Query and also facilitating reporting across other databases. Deepak Sareen Associates can provide SQL Views of your database, to make external reporting even easier.

TimeSheet Professional has the power and flexibility to provide an easy-to-use, efficient, cost effective solution from anything from the most simple project tracking need to the most sophisticated project tracking, costing and billing requirements.

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