Accounting Integration

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet provides an easy-to-use, efficient and effective solution for project-oriented time and expense tracking, with budgeting and automated billing if required.

TimeSheet Professional can be integrated with virtually any accounting solution and all Sage accounting solutions. When integrated with an accounting system TimeSheet becomes an even more effective system whether or not a job costing or project accounting solution is also integrated with it.

We have created integration kits that we use to map your TimeSheet configuration with your accounting configuration and that also incorporate your business requirements. This enables us to deliver a solution that meets your business needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Typical integrations can provide various functions including:

  • Journaling time costs from payroll overhead to cost centres, which may well represent projects
  • Journaling Work in Progress
  • Posting expenses to cost centres and nominal codes and for re-imbursement through the purchase ledger or other nominals
  • Posting automatically generated sales invoices

Integration is typically carried out directly at the database level with a user control panel, ensuring straightforward, efficient, robust operation. Integration may also be carried out via file transfer, particularly with legacy accounting systems.

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