Large Corporates

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional offers corporates who need a time tracking solution for 500 to several thousand users, one that is highly configurable to meet their requirements, is inexpensive to purchase and implement and has a low cost of ongoing ownership .

TimeSheet Professional is also straightforward to configure. The 10 level custom database with 10 custom fields at each level, can be configured to meet reporting requirements and any integration requirements. Then TimeSheet’s business rules are applied to make task creation and time entry quick, easy and accurate and to eliminate illegal selections.

Part of the success of any implementation is providing users with the tools they need to do the job asked of them whilst restricting them from access to any inappropriate functionality. TimeSheet’s security profiles do just this, allowing profiles that control functionality to be created for end users, team leaders, project managers, line managers and administrators.

TimeSheet makes it easy to configure and publish different time sheet views, enhancing useability, reducing learning curves and ensuring that users only see what they need and no information that is irrelevant.

Comprehensive and Effective Reporting

A key element of the success of any time tracking solution is ensuring that users can quickly and easily get the information that they need to manage. TimeSheet Professional’s comprehensive reporting makes it straightforward to design the precise reports required to manage effectively, and then to publish them to the right people.

Efficiency and accuracy can be dramatically enhanced by integrating TimeSheet Professional with other systems such as job costing, project accounting, contract management, financial ledgers, line of business and bespoke systems. This is straightforward to do.

Most larger organisations use the web timesheet client for most of their users incorporating expense tracking where required. There is also an automated install for the Windows clients.

TimeSheet Professional has all that is needed to meet your requirements at a very affordable first year cost of implementation. Find out about this and the low ongoing cost of ownership by Contacting Us now.