Software Publishers

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional is used to record the full range of activities in software publishers, including core development, revisions, implementation, consultancy, training and support. It provides the information needed to monitor and control costs, value work in progress, bill clients and much more.

It is used by a broad range of software publishers with implementations ranging from 20 or less to several hundred users. The software solutions that they publish include those for, banking, wealth management, risk management, energy and utilities solutions, web application, infotainment, gaming, analytics, order management and estimating.

Sage Timesheet’s popularity with software publishers is due to it being an easily managed solution to tracking time and costs quickly, accurately and effectively. Its 10 level component structure makes it straightforward capturing time accurately, no matter what software development methodology you use or how complex your ledger structure is.

TimeSheet’s comprehensive in depth reporting¬†includes Summary Reporting and Detail Reporting and you can use the reporting engine of your choice to combine TimeSheet data with information in your other systems. TimeSheet also provides full management control¬†covering security profiles, user access and much else.

Integration with programme control, support and ERP systems can offer real efficiency gains and is undertaken in a variety of ways, from straightforward automated file transfer to live links implemented at the database level. Deepak Sareen Associates can undertake this or advise, as they can on all areas of consultancy, implementation and training.

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