Time and Attendance Requirements

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If you need to track time and attendance as well as tracking time on projects and recording time on activities, then, ideally, you want one solution that can track time and attendance as well as tracking projects.

With TimeSheet Professional, there are two approaches to tracking time and attendance and depending on your requirements, either could meet you needs.

Firstly, TimeSheet enables you to track start and stop times for time entries, and if you wish, make start and stop times mandatory.

TimeSheet Professional provides an “Outlook” like Day View, with definable time intervals and drag and drop, to make tracking time easy for users. They simply track the time that they spend on their various work activities as well as any breaks. The overall start time for the day is the start time of their first entry for the day, the overall stop time is the finish time of their last entry for the day. With this method, recording time and attendance is integrated into the project tracking, requiring little, if any, additional effort.

In some organisations, there is a recognition that some “dead” time exists, and there is no desire to track this explicitly. In these organisations, time and attendance is tracked using TimeSheet’s Time Card View, which simply tracks start and stop times, quickly and easily. Project time and other overhead time is tracked, as quickly and easily, in the Time Sheet View, without start and stop times. The only cross-reference between the two is variance analysis to ensure that the inevitable differences are within acceptable limits.

If you need to track time and attendance in a project-tracking environment, then TimeSheet Professional provides two excellent solutions that are easy to use, require little if any additional effort from employees and require no additional software investment.

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