Approvals and email notifications provide day-to-day control

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Chasing timesheets automatically by email

Many people put off completing their timesheets. So when they do get around to it, their poor memories and the delay means that time is inaccurately reported, leading to misleading and costly errors on time and fee invoices, or on internal projects and tasks. As a result clients often query invoices and profitability can be seriously damaged.

TimeSheet Professional will automatically send chasing emails to those who fail to complete their timesheets on a daily and/or weekly basis, dramatically improving compliance and improving time data management, invoicing, cash-flow and profitability.

Managing Approvals

TimeSheet Professional provides a configurable multi-level component-based approval processes with email integration.

So, for instance, an individuals timesheet might first be approved by team leader; then by a project manager who might approve all time on their specific projects; and finally by a departmental manager.

Whatever your approval process, TimeSheet Professional can handle it better. Contact Us now and discover how it can be integrated into your business.