Professional Services

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TimeSheet Professional is used across a broad range of professional services firms, including PR, Market Research, Advertising and other marketing services firms; engineering consultancies including oil and gas, mechanical and power delivery; construction engineering including civil, structural and mechanical and electrical; architecture; research and a range of other professional service firms.

How TimeSheet is used depends on how your firm is remunerated, the other systems that you have in place, the level of management control you require and the degree of automation that you need. The beauty of TimeSheet is that it is easy to set up to meet your requirements whether straightforward or sophisticated.

If you just need to know how much time each employee spent on each project, job or retained account, then you can use TimeSheet at its simplest. Simply apply a chargeout rate against each employee and make sure they spend a few minutes each day recording their time worked on each project, job or retainer. If you bill based on time costs, then TimeSheet will provide you with the total for each job or project, split by employee – and time period if required – ready for invoicing. You can produce the invoices from TimeSheet or directly in your accounting system.

Depending on your existing processes and future requirements, it may also make sense to use TimeSheet to track expenses.

Measuring Productivity & Profitability

If you have client contracts that are fixed price assignments, such as retainers, projects (with or without stage payments) or jobs, TimeSheet provides the information to see which clients, assignments, jobs or projects are profitable and which are not. This gives you the information that you need when re-negotiating contracts and when pricing similar jobs or projects in the future.

If you need more detail, Timesheet can provide it, recording the activity worked on and any notes.

And TimeSheet can provide the full management controls that you need; with task rules, approvals processes, automatic email reminders for incomplete timesheets and more. Plus, if required, TimeSheet can be integrated with your existing finance, job costing, project accounting or ERP system, as well as vertical market solutions and bespoke applications.