Time Tracking

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

If you’ve got here, you’ve almost certainly decided that your business needs to track time. But nobody likes filling in their time sheet, when they do they often make mistakes and many people resent the time spent filling in their time sheet.

What’s needed is a time tracking system that’s fast and easy to use, helps avoid wrong entries and other mistakes being made – and is easy to configure to your time tracking needs.

With TimeSheet Professional, users typically only need to make two or maybe three choices to create a task against which they can then track time each day. It’s a process that takes a few moments, so any moans about filling in time sheets should become a thing of the past.

Getting Started With Time Tracking

If you already have timesheet and time tracking expertise and understand precisely what you need to track and why – just contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and show you how TimeSheet Professional can meet your needs and enhance your business.

Perhaps you have a rudimentary time tracking system that you realise needs to be organized more professionally. Many of our clients come to us with a paper based time tracking system, sometimes using an Excel spreadsheet or a stand alone legacy time tacking system or one that’s part of a job costing, project accounting or ERP system.  Once again, we are more than happy to discuss how this can be migrated to TimeSheet Professional and if you are unsure about what may be most important for time mapping in your business, offer you advice about meeting your time tracking needs.

Time Tracking in Action

Most of our customers track time against projects or jobs or contracts or retainers. And if that is the limit of your requirements, TimeSheet Professional will provide an easy to use, simple, straightforward project time tracking solution.

Projects have customers, whether external or internal and TimeSheet Professional provides a great client time recording solution that can record against projects, tasks and jobs. Users track their time by selecting the client and then the job they are working on.

If your organisation is very project focused, then users can go straight to the project, – which will automatically set the client. This is just one small example of where we have the experience and expertise to provide sound advice in setting up your time tracking system.

Some businesses have large or long lasting projects, often split into stages or phases. TimeSheet Professional makes it easy for employees to track time against phases, allowing them to go straight to the phase – when the project and client will be automatically selected – or going to the project and then choosing the phase.

Sophisticated Time Tracking

For some of our TimeSheet Professional clients, simply knowing the time recorded on a project is sufficient, they have no need to analyse time in more detail. But most of our customers track time against the activities that make up the job or project. Some even go a stage further, tracking time against work packages or deliverables that are then broken down to activities.

Even with the most complex task hierarchies, it is still usual for time recording task creation to need more than three or four choices, and then time tracking take moments to simply type in the time spent each day.

Time Tracking Data Use

Essentially, your time tracking records should include any information that can be reported on, analysed, and guide you towards running the business more effectively and profitably.  With a wealth of experience in seeing how data can be used to achieve this, we are happy to advise on data you should consider collecting. For example, many customers’ databases include information on department and team, region or office and type of project.

TimeSheet Professional makes time tracking simple, straightforward fast and easy, whilst maintaining accuracy and enriching the business with all the time analysis and time reporting required to maintain profitability and improve efficiency. Find out how it can be incorporated into your business and contact us now.