Time Billing

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TimeSheet Professional can provide a great automated time billing solution if you work on jobs, projects, contracts or assignments where fees or time-based invoices are billed from the time recorded and rates with or without expenses.

Time billing can be based on the employees’ standard billing rate, differing rates on individual tasks and even the rate on individual time entries.

More flexibility is provided with custom time billing rates available for different clients, jobs, projects and employees. Time billing may be external or internal or a mixture of the two.

Custom time billing templates run from TimeSheet’s Detail Reports. Time billing runs can be for a completed job or project; a phase or stage, or for a month’s or week’s work. These can be for a individual client or for a group of projects – whatever your time billing requirement and what is most efficient and effective for you.

Billing & Invoicing

You can prepare time-based invoices to show a single summary line, a summary by fee earner, with or without detailed backing sheets. They can be grouped by activity and can include individual time entries, notes and also expenses.

Your automated time billing may just require one template, but if required, can have several, to accommodate different rate arrangements and client or project requirements for time billing.

Once billing is finalised, posting reports are produced on paper or as a file for import. Alternatively, posting can be automated through integration and then the time billed and expenses billed are marked as billed in readiness for the next billing cycle.

If your time billing requirements or billing backing sheet requirements can be automated and don’t require hand crafted poetry on the fee invoice, then TimeSheet Professional can provide an excellent automated time billing solution. Find out how your business can start using it and Contact Us now.