IT Services Companies

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional is used by IT services companies to track time and sometimes expenses on work requisitions; jobs; hardware, network infrastructure and software implementation projects; for support, for training, for consultancy assignments and for custom development projects.

Managers can also use TimeSheet Professional to track overall client management and marketing time, administrative time, internal training, absence and overtime.

With a custom database with up to 10 levels, each with up to 10 custom fields and full management control with security profiles and task rules plus straightforward administration and  customisable approval processes, TimeSheet Professional can be configured to meet your needs.

In some implementations, TimeSheet Professional is used independently of other systems, in others it is integrated – to a greater or lesser extent – with project control systems, work requisition systems and support systems and with financial systems including job costing or project accounting and with financial ledgers. If you invoice based on time costs and could use an automated time billing solution, then TimeSheet can provide that too.

TimeSheet’s comprehensive in depth reporting includes Summary Reporting and Detail Reporting and you can use the reporting engine of your choice to combine TimeSheet data with information in your other systems. TimeSheet also provides full management control covering security profiles, user access and much else.

Whatever the shape or size of your business, TimeSheet Professional can provide the solution for your time recording requirements, with implementations for IT services companies ranging from 10 to several hundred users.

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