Public Sector and Not for Profit

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Local government authorities, central government departments, agencies and directorates and not for profit organisations including housing associations, health authorities and hospitals, police authorities and the education sector, including universities and examination bodies – are all users of TimeSheet Professional.

Whilst TimesSheet systems are installed organisation-wide, implementation is often limited to departments or teams where tracking time is appropriate for departmental management and can contribute towards the management of the organisation. For this reason, some installations are for less than 10 people though 500+ installations are not unknown.

Typical uses include time tracking on activities, variously for project time tracking and project management, internal time billing, costing and billing services and activity based costing.

As an example, in local government, TimeSheet Professional is typically used in IT departments for project time tracking, project management and costing for internal billing; in other central services departments such as legal, for time tracking and management and cross departmental time billing, and in professional services oriented departments such as highways and planning.

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