Straightforward administration keeps your system well managed

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

Look and you may find several systems that, on the face of it, will meet your immediate needs – but it’s unlikely that they’ll still be effective with a year or more of data stored. While over time, TimeSheet Professional provides the tools needed to ensure that your system becomes even more effective as time goes by.

We often see customer TimeSheet implementations with data for 100′s of users running back over five, eight or more years. These systems are still quick and easy to use, whilst having become a valuable business resource.

That’s because as time goes on, time entered in your system can provide you with the information to:

  • Cost new jobs or projects with greater accuracy
  • Supply data that allows you to negotiate more effectively
  • Let you analyse patterns and trends that allow you to manage with greater insight
  • And therefore improve project costing, profitability and employee productivity

But this is only helpful if your system remains easy to use day-to-day, with task lists focusing on current activities, so that both time entry and new task creation remains fast and easy and lists don’t grow and become unmanageable.

TimeSheet admin tools let you remove closed projects and inactive clients from task creation selections; provide configurable time sheet views that exclude completed tasks and tasks on closed or dormant projects; allows users to hide tasks that aren’t current and let administrators delete old tasks whilst still retaining the full underlying time entry information for reporting.

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