Reporting solutions

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional’s Summary Reports provide a great tool for generating much of the information needed for day to day management and periodic review. Deepak Sareen Associates provide the training to ensure that users can create the reports that they need quickly and easily

TimeSheet Professional’s Detail Reports run configurable reports from templates developed using Crystal Reports. Uses include reviewing the detailed progress on projects and what individuals and teams have doing, through invoicing solutions to sophisticated monthly reporting packs. If you don’t have the resources or skills, Deepak Sareen Associates can produce anything from a simple update to an existing report through to a full reporting pack.

You might want more  than TimeSheet’s Detail and Summary Reports can deliver easily or you might want to use your existing expertise with Excel and Pivot Tables to produce what you need from the underlying TimeSheet data quickly and easily. You may even want to report on Client and Project Profitability without the overhead of running a full integration process.

Time Entries and Expenses Reporting Views

Deepak Sareen Associates have produced two additional reporting tools, the Time Entries and Expenses Reporting Views.

The Time Entries Reporting View has a row for every time entry in your system with a column for every piece of information that might be associated with the time entry, including all custom fields. The Expenses View does the same for expenses.

So, then you can simply connect your spreadsheet to the reporting view using ODBC and produce whatever reports and pivot tables you need. And as the data changes, so you can refresh it with a single click and simply repopulate your reports and pivot tables, providing a simple, elegant and very efficient solution.

If you have more sophisticated requirements, you can connect to the reporting views with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Reporting Services or any other Business Intelligence or reporting solution.

Report on Client and Project Profitability

You may want to report on Client and Project Profitability without the overhead of running a full integration process. Just as you can connect to Deepak Sareen Associates Time Entry and Expense Views via ODBC, you can connect to Sage 50 Accounts Plus and any modern mid to higher end accounting or ERP solution, allowing you to include actual sales figures in your pivot tables, charts and reports. We can help you with this, from simply pointing you in the right direction to working with you to build the reports that you need.