In Depth Reporting

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

TimeSheet Professional’s powerful, flexible report templates make it easy for managers to view time and expenses of an individual, a whole team or department, and for Project or Business Manager to take a view on separate projects or groups of projects.

TimeSheet provides two types of reporting – Summary Reports – which uses TimeSheet’s own quick and easy, outline-based reporting engine, and – Detail Reports – which provides more sophisticated reports and uses the Crystal Reports engine to run them.

We can also provide a third type of reporting with a tailored SQL View of your database. This makes it easy to report your information with Microsoft Excel or Access or any other tool that supports industry standard ODBC connectivity.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports allow individual managers to create their own adhoc reports, or use pre-published templates to run the reports they need. They can change the outline view and filters to view data in different ways. Administrators can create Summary report templates that they can publish to the managers who need them.

Detail Reports

Detail Reports use TimeSheet’s filtering and date range controls to run report templates that have been created in Crystal Reports.

Out of the box, TimeSheet Professional provides you with pre-defined reports covering Employees, Components, Time and Expense Entries and Payroll – and we can create additional reports to meet your specific requirements – or, if you have the skills, you can create these yourself.

All TimeSheet’s reports can be output in a wide variety of ways, including spreadsheets, pdf, Word files – or directly to print.