TimeSheet Professional history

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

Deepak Sareen Associates have distributed TimeSheet Professional since 1990, providing consultancy, configuration, database population and implementation, training and support.

Deepak Sareen Associates first worked with TimeSheet’s original publisher, Alan Fisher’s Software Partners, next with Mitch Russo’s Timeslips Corporation, who bought TimeSheet Professional from Software Partners, then for Best Software Inc., Sage Software plc’s American subsidiary, which bought the Timeslips Corporation. When Sage renamed Best “Sage Software Inc.”, TimeSheet Professional became Sage TimeSheet.

With Sage Software Inc.’s realignment of it’s time tracking solutions and TimeSheet’s acquisition by Insperity, TimeSheet moves full circle, becoming TimeSheet Professional once more.

Office Timesheets, TimeSheet Professional’s recommended and approved successor, truly provides a TimeSheet Professional replacement for the future, with a close to one click upgrade path, all the TimeSheet functionality in a familiar yet modern web client, a further adaptive mobile web client for smart phones and tablets, additional powerful, fast reporting facilities and comprehensive yet easy to use rate management features.

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